In response to COVID- 19, all consultations are available online via ZOOM / Skype or telephone.
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Our experienced dietitians offer one-on-one consultations for a variety of conditions and nutrition concerns. Our dietitians have up to 20 years of extensive research, clinical or private practice experience. We work closely as a team, sharing the latest nutrition research advances and planning new dietary strategies and resources in order to implement these advances with our patients.

Our initial consultations involve an hour with one of our dietitians, examining diet and medical history, test results, medications and supplements, previous diet changes, suspected food triggers or complaints and meal pattern. All of this is then considered against the latest research findings in order to determine which dietary approach is likely to result in the best outcome for the patient. A formal education session will then take place to educate the patient on the dietary approach, explain the theory behind it, and give detailed information on how to implement the strategies.

Follow up appointments are generally conducted within 2-4 weeks of the initial appointment. These are 30 minutes in duration and involve the dietitian checking on your progress, ability to follow the diet, challenges and benefits from the approach. The advice is then modified depending on the outcome in order to achieve optimal results.

Most patients require a final third appointment to bring the results of their dietary changes together and decide on a long term plan.