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Food intolerance's come in many forms, some obvious, some not. We help you find your ailment, so you can feel better.

Food Sensitivities and Intolerances

Food sensitivities and intolerances differ from allergies. There are no diagnostic tests available for food intolerances, rather an elimination diet and rechallenge is required. Most commonly food intolerances induce symptoms including headaches, urticaria, eczema, hay fever, rhinitis, asthmas and gastrointestinal upset. Detecting which dietary component is the cause of the symptoms is very difficult. Our diets are complex mixtures of foods. Meals contain a range of foods and dietary components. Pinpointing the culprit is very difficult. That’s where we come in.

Diet Solutions dietitians will be your food detectives. We can examine your usual diet and symptom response to help determine the most likely food components that are contributing to your symptoms. An elimination diet will need to be followed, with reintroductions to confirm the food intolerance. Casein, natural and artificial food chemicals and FODMAPs are the most common food intolerances. You may have an intolerance to 1 or many of these dietary components.

The elimination diet will vary in terms of how strict the diet needs to be depending on your symptoms and diet history. The initial stage is undertaken for 4 weeks. Once symptoms have resolved, a series of rechallenges are undertaken in order to determine which dietary component is causing the problem. Then our dietitians will assist in fine tuning the approach for the longer term.