Tips for Staying Calm All Day Long

Eating a healthy diet is a key component to a healthy life overall, and this is exactly what we promote to our clients every day to help people live calm and happy lives.

Here, we’ll describe how your diet works with your body to help you stay calm. This information was inspired by a recent article we contributed to by Bupa Life Insurance who highlighted our services in their recent article: ‘How to Stay Calm: Wellness Experts Share Their Tips’​.

Balance Your Brain-Gut Axis

Studies have shown a link between diet, digestive organs and the brain, called the brain-gut axis. Unhealthy, high-fat diets led to more outward signs of stress and anxiety compared with a healthier, more balanced diet. The way your body feels on the inside is reflected in the way you feel on the outside. If your digestive system is in turmoil, it is likely that you will feel that way as well. On the contrary, when everything is running smoothly internally, you will feel calmer and more satisfied with your life overall.

The Building Blocks of Health

If we can build a nourishing diet, with regular meals and snacks, the end result should be improved microbiome in your gut. This means all the food you intake, should nourish, not deplete, your body and mind. A nourishing diet is packed full with vegetables, whole grains and lean protein sources, built around regular meals and snacks. It’s important to avoid high sugar, high fat foods that lead to short, unstable bursts and falls in energy. By making these small impactful changes in your diet, you’ll find your energy levels will be more stable throughout the day, with improved concentration, helping you get more out of every day. Whether this is at home, work or a combination, this healthy approach will keep you calm as you are more efficient and productive in tasks.

Fake It Until You Feel It

Even when you are feeling stressed, do the best you can to present an outward appearance of calm. Sometimes, just the act of pretending to be calm can actually trick your brain into being calm. In addition, your calm demeanour will calm those around you. This will then cycle back to you, creating a calmer atmosphere for everyone rather than everyone letting their stress compound off of each other.

At Diet Solutions we apply rigorous evidence-based dietary strategies so you can reach your nutrition goals and feel great. Find out how we can help you find practical ways to improve your lifestyle by meeting with one of our expert dietitians.