BND, APD, Advanced Sports Dietitian, AN, IOC Diploma In Sports Nutrition

Accredited Practising Dietitian, Advanced Sports Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist, Accredited Sports Dietitian, International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition

Stephanie Gaskell has a special interest in gastrointestinal nutrition and sports nutrition. She has many years’ experience and sound knowledge working in the area of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the low FODMAP™ diet, fructose malabsorption, lactose intolerance and coeliac disease.

Stephanie also has a special interest in inflammatory bowel disease and other gastrointestinal conditions. She is a strong believer in educating her clients and giving them the right nutrition tools to be able to manage their condition as best as possible. Her personal experience with Irritable Bowel Syndrome allows her to be empathetic with her clients.

Her other passion besides gastrointestinal nutrition is in competitive ultra trail running. She is an Accredited Sports Dietitian and has graduated with the International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition. She provides professional dietary advice to all levels of athletes, recreational, elite and professional including Olympic and Paralympic athletes helping them achieve their nutritional goals.

Stephanie has developed a sports nutrition resource for athletes with gastrointestinal conditions and was co-author in a chapter on gastrointestinal issues in Clinical Sports Nutrition, a very well respected and internationally known book. She has written for sports magazines in the area of sports nutrition and regarding her achievements in ultra trail running; presented to dietitians in Australia and New Zealand relating to endurance nutrition and gastrointestinal upset; been an invited speaker to the nutrition department at the Australian Institute of Sports and to High Performance Sport New Zealand. In 2018 she will be undertaking her Honours at Monash University in the area of gastrointestinal and sports nutrition.