Pinpointing Dietary Triggers

Ongoing gastrointestinal symptoms (e.g. bloating, cramping and diarrhoea) are not pleasant and can be worsened by food intolerances. Unfortunately, identifying dietary triggers for gastrointestinal symptoms is not simple. We explain the reasons why trying to work out your triggers can lead to confusion and over-restriction of your diet.

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Tips for Staying Calm on a Long Day

Eating a healthy diet is a key component to a healthy life overall, and this is exactly what we promote to our clients every day to help people live calm and happy lives.

Here, we’ll describe how your diet works with your body to help you stay calm.

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Is dairy the culprit?

Dairy has been blamed for a multitude of problems, particularly those affecting the gut (IBS symptoms), nose (rhinitis) and skin (eczema). Many people have restricted dairy from their diet, some with significant relief. Understanding why you feel better is just as important to ensure you are managing your diet properly.

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