Dietitian Profiles

All of our dietitians have considerable clinical experience in their areas of interest. We meet frequently to ensure that we are providing our clients with the same information, based on the latest research advances.


Jaci Barrett

PhD, Bsc (Biomed)(Hons), MND

A.P.D., AN


Michelle Holt

BSc(HMovement), MND
A.P.D., AN


Nick Dunn

A.P.D., AN


Erin Dwyer

MDiet, BAppSc(Health Sc)
A.P.D., AN

Kim Canale

BSc (Hons), MND
A.P.D., AN


Steph Gaskell

BND, IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition
A.P.D.,  Advanced Sports Dietitian, AN


CK Yao

PhD, BND(Hons)
A.P.D., AN


Caroline Tuck

PhD, BND (Hons)
A.P.D., AN


Clara Newsome

BSc(Biomed)(Hons), MND
A.P.D., AN