Dietitian Profiles

All of our dietitians have considerable clinical experience in their areas of interest. We meet frequently to ensure that we are providing our clients with the same information, based on the latest research advances.


Jaci Barrett

PhD, BSc(Biomed)(Hons), MND

A.P.D., AN


Jaci specialises in gastrointestinal disorders and food sensitivities.

Jaci consults from our Glen Iris location and via Skype.

Jaci is an accredited practising dietitian who graduated in 2001 with a Masters of Nutrition & Dietetics. Jaci spent the following five years working as a clinical dietitian in various metropolitan Melbourne hospitals and 12 months in the UK. This included experience in oncology, renal, gastroenterology, nutrition support and cardiac units. On her return, Jaci commenced her PhD at Monash University, Box Hill Hospital, with scholarship support from the Menzies Foundation. Her thesis, entitled “The Role of FODMAPs in Gastrointestinal Disorders”, examined dietary triggers for gastrointestinal conditions. During her PhD tenure, Jaci was awarded the GESA Douglas Piper Young Investigator Award, Nutrition Society of Australia & New Zealand best oral presentation award, AuSPEN David Russell Clinical Research Award, and Eastern Health research week best oral presentation award. Jaci holds a position as Lecturer and research dietitian at Monash University, continuing her research into diet and gastrointestinal conditions, which provides vital information for use in private practice. She frequently presents her research throughout Australia and overseas, including invitations to speak for corporations such as CCA (Crohn’s and Colitis Australia) and Yakult Australia. Jaci continues to work for the Monash University FODMAP Research Team.


Michelle Holt

BSc(HMovement), MND
A.P.D., AN


Michelle specialises in weight concern, healthy eating, PCOS, gastrointestinal disorders including FODMAP intolerance, and she has an interest in sports nutrition.  Michelle consults from our South Melbourne and Glen Iris locations.

Michelle is an accredited practising dietitian who graduated in 2001 with a Master of Nutrition & Dietetics. She is co-director of Diet Solutions alongside Jaci Barrett. Michelle has spent many years in clinical dietetics and private practice in Melbourne and in the UK and has been a consultative dietitian for Deakin University and Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food program.

Erin Dwyer

MDiet, BAppSc(Health Sc)

Erin is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian who has well-rounded knowledge in many areas of nutrition. Erin specialises in gastrointestinal disorder from IBS to IBD, including the low FODMAP diet. Erin also works in the areas of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Low Chemical diets, Bariatric nutrition, healthy eating, and cardiovascular health. Erin also takes a Non-Diet Approach to weight management.

Erin consults from our Blackburn, Clayton, Glen Iris, Surrey Hills and Werribee locations and via skype.

Erin’s love of science, cooking and health is what drew her to dietetics and she is also currently working within the area of Irritable Bowel Disorder research at Monash University.

Erin focus’ on an individual, client centered approach to dietetics, creating specific and achievable goals for each patient. Erin is also passionate about creating positive experiences around food.


Clara Newsome

BSc(Biomed)(Hons), MNDDietSolsL414
A.P.D., AN

Clara specialises in gastrointestinal disorders.
Clara consults from our Glen Iris location and via Skype.
Clara is currently on maternity leave.


Caroline Tuck

BND (Hons)
A.P.D., AN

Caroline specialises in gastrointestinal disorders and food intolerance including FODMAPs and food chemical sensitivity. Caroline is currently conducting her post doctoral research position in Canada. We hope to see her back consulting with us in 2019.



Nick Dunn

A.P.D., AN


Nick is a specialist gastrointestinal dietitian and has extensive experience in the areas of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS, including low FODMAP diet) in children and adults, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), coeliac disease, paediatric nutrition and weight management.

Nick consults from our Moonee Ponds, Glen Iris, Hampton, South Melbourne, Greensborough, Bundoora and East Melbourne locations and also via Skype or telephone.

Nick graduated from Deakin University in 2008. He started his career as a clinical dietitian at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and as a community dietitian for Dianella Community Health. Shortly after this he specialised in paediatric nutrition and furthered his career in London for two years in community paediatrics working with children in the areas of food allergies, food intolerances, fussy eating and weight management. Since returning from the UK,  Nick has continued to work with both adults and children with IBS, IBD, coeliac disease, gastroparesis, food intolerance and faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT).  Nick has been a part of our team since 2013.

Nick has been an invited speaker at national GP and dietetic seminars presenting on the role of prebiotics in infant health and the role of a dietitian with patients undergoing FMT.


CK Yao


CK specialises in gastrointestinal disorders, food intolerances (including FODMAPs and food chemical sensitivities), type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular risk reduction. CK is currently conducting her post-doctoral research in Hong Kong. We hope to see her back consulting with us early 2018.



Aimee Ramler


Aimee specialises in paediatric nutrition, weight concern, bariatric nutrition, irritable bowel syndrome, type 1 & 2 diabetes, and has a special interest in maternal and women’s health.

Aimee consults from our Glen Iris location and via Skype.

Aimee graduated from Deakin University in 2008. Shortly after she went on to continue her studies, undertaking an honours degree in paediatric nutrition.  Aimee started her career as a clinical dietitian at Westmead Childrens Hospital in Sydney, working with the paediatric diabetes team. She has also undertaken dietetic positions at a specialist eating disorder clinic, various paediatric inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as various adult clinical environments.

Aimee has worked and volunteered overseas, most recently working as a mental health dietitian in Scotland. She has a particular interest in behavioural feeding problems.  Aimee has completed beginner and advanced courses in the ‘Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach to feeding’, assessing and working with problem feeders and picky eaters.